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two body problem

A researcher leaves behind the office politics of academia to travel to the frozen south. She has been summoned by a mysterious research group probing the furthest limits of what makes us human. On Deception Island, where the nights are darkless, terrifying new technology is being used to grapple with old challenges. 


It is 200 years after Frankenstein, the ice is thawing, and science is still dancing with the problem of death.


Two-Body Problem is a lecture that dissipates into a fever dream, an immersive play that sounds a warning. As a pragmatic scientific mind encounters the strangest frontiers of its own discipline, real contemporary research is grounded in a grisly past and looks queasily but steadily to the future.


I Swear I Saw This is a performance collective that experiments with fact and fiction, live and recorded media, theatre and documentary.  Two-Body Problem was commissioned for IF Festival of Science and Ideas, developed with assistance from the Scott Polar Research Institute, and premiered among the 18th century galvanometers at the History of Science Museum, Oxford, before moving to the Old Red Lion Theatre in London.


Writer/director: Louis Rogers

Producer: Frank Martin

Performer: Martha Skye Murphy

Additional voices: Os Leanse


with thanks to: Scott Polar Research Institute, Pamela Clemit, Robert Macfarlane, Elleke Boehmer, Phil Sidney, Michelle Gentille

Old Red Lion Theatre, London (2018)

History of Science Museum, Oxford (2018)

27 / 28 September 2019 - Camden People's Theatre 

Tickets: https://www.cptheatre.co.uk/production/two-body-problem/

21 November - Oxford History of Science Museum

For enquiries contact: frankelimartin@gmail.com

trailer by Frank Martin