Lossless (2019)

Preview at The North Wall for HAUNT Festival, July 2019

Sylvia has made a career interviewing the great and the good. The time has come for her own valedictory interview, but there’s really only one person who’s up to the job. Tonight will be the first and final take.

'Lossless... is masterful, immersing the audience. Sylvia’s monologue is quippy and snappy, her sadness barely masked by sarcasm and unanswered questions.' - Daily Info

Two-Body Problem (2018)


by Louis Rogers

Old Red Lion Theatre, London

History of Science Museum, Oxford 



'engaging and thrilling... spiked with sharp prose and characterisations' - The Reviews Hub


A researcher recounts a journey to the frozen south. It is 200 years after Frankenstein, the ice is thawing, and science is still dancing with the problem of death.


Some things that happen are easier to account for than others. Tonight we will stitch the pieces together.


Writer/director: Louis Rogers

Performer: Martha Skye Murphy

Additional voices: Os Leanse

Producer: Frank Martin

Photo credits: Mariasanta Tedesco, Louis Rogers, google maps

with thanks to: Scott Polar Research Institute, Pamela Clemit, Robert Macfarlane, Phil Sidney, Michelle Gentille, Elleke Boehmer

fen (2017)


by Daisy Johnson

adapted by Louis Rogers

ADC Theatre, Cambridge


'Heartening' - Ali Smith



'Graceful and deftly executed' - Varsity

Fen was a world-premiere adaptation of Man Booker-shortlisted author Daisy Johnson's prizewinning short story collection, created in the eery landscapes and dingy rehearsal rooms of Cambridge.  

The fens, east of Cambridge, have been underwater, drained, and reclaimed. They say its earth is so fertile that if you scoop up a handful you’ll grow three fingers before you throw it down again. Real people make their lives here, but the wild is always close at hand.

Director's note​ 

Feature in Varsity

Director/adaptor: Louis Rogers

Production Designer: Hannah Machover

Set Designer: Evelyn Whorrall Campbell

Cinematographer: Frank Martin

Sound Designer: Chris Lazenbatt​

Cast: Os Leanse, Sarah Creedy Smith, Emma Corrin, Benedict Clarke, Posey Mehta, Martha Skye Murphy, Louis Norris

with thanks to Daisy Johnson & Robert Macfarlane

photo credits: Evelyn Whorrall Campbell, Johannes Hjorth

mnemonic (2016)


by Complicité

ADC Theatre, Cambridge



'Polished, profound and explosive' - The Tab

First devised by pioneering theatre company Complicité, Mnemonic catches and entangles the memories it finds as it criss-crosses characters, places, and history. In its web of fragmented stories, the past blurs with the imagined as it is remembered and retold.

Director: Louis Rogers

Designer: Jack Parham

Producer: Rachel Bircher

Cast: Avigail Tlalim, Os Leanse, Adam Mirsky, Elise Hagan, David Ruttle, Harrison MacNeill, Martha Skye Murphy

Photo credits: Meggie Lonngren-Sampaio

Photo credits: Frank Martin

the beck (2016)


by Flora de Falbe


Corpus Playrooms, Cambridge

Violet has just split up with her husband. Cecilia likes painting dead birds. The sisters are living in their mildewed family pile in the back of beyond to look after their senile father and stop the ceiling from caving in. The Beck is by turns a warm, dark, and uncomfortably real piece of new writing by Flora de Falbe.

'Masterfully crafted' - Varsity

Director: Louis Rogers

Writer: Flora de Falbe

Designer: Jack Parham

Producer: Posey Mehta

Cast: Martha Skye Murphy, Hannah Machover, Daisy Jones, Benedict Flett, Joe Pieri